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Colour Me Pretty

What Is Colour Me Pretty Gel Polish?

Say hello to the future! Gel Nail Polish is a breakthrough, technology that combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. A true innovation in a chip-free, extended-wear colour.

The formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural, it provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping. There is absolutely no damage to the natural nail in the process.

The formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers is why Gel Colour Polish goes on like polish, wears like gel and removes in minutes.

Plus its hypo-allergenic and 5-FREE… containing no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin & Camphor.

Like any quality polish application, the Gel Colour Polish system features a Base Coat, Colour Coat and Top Coat. Unlike traditional polish it cures under a UV lamp or L.E.D. lamp so there is zero dry time.

The results: 14-day, glorious, high-gloss shine that truly is addictive! No more sitting around waiting for your nails to dry or worrying about smudging your beautiful polish. Apply correctly and your left with a gorgeous manicure that is completely DRY and will last for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Minimum 14-day high-gloss wear / Mirror Finish Zero Dry Time /
No Nicks, Chips or Smudges unlike normal polishes /
FREE from Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) Formaldehyde Resin & Camphor

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Venalisa™ - Manufacturer of All Kinds of Nail Gel Polishes

VENALISA™ is the exclusive Brand which created for for nail art passionate girls around the world.
We collected all the information and data from website and decide to make one top quality gel
polish. For every bottle of VENALISA, we used the
organic odorless resin material and top quality pigments, print the exact same color of
bottles to suit gel inside. With the big support from customers and our GMP factory, we
increased VENALISA products line to gel polish, 3D cat eye series, platinum
gel series, crystal poly gel, painting gel and builder gel series etc. Our  nail
polishes will focus on the top quality and views from each customers.
Our vision is embracing the E-commerce Era, to be a leading
brand of nail art industry.

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AIMEILI ( I-May-Lee ) is a brand of nail products.

It was designed in Hong Kong and registered in US and Europe. The meaning of AIMEILI is that we will make everyone beautiful whoever uses our products.

Since the brand was established in 2012, the gel nail polish has won a lot of fans around the world. For the good quality and we put beauty, fun and environment protection elements into the products. We use natural products that all substances are ecological, non-toxic and harmless. The material is imported from US, Japan and Germany, which aiming at minimizing the harm of chemical components to human bodies.

Besides, we keep providing high customer experience by high quality, fast shipping and new outstanding products. There’s no doubt that AIMEILI is making a contribution to the nail industrial.

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Born Pretty

"Born Pretty, All for Beauty"

With full passion for beauty, Ms. Jessica created BORN PRETTY in 2009. She believes fate is about changes, the more diligent, the luckier you will be; meanwhile, the luckier, the more beautiful! 'Beauty and passion' are always our firm faith with our company's growth for 10 years.
BORN PRETTY is devoted to the full line of development for all kinds of nail stamping, nail polish, gel polish,powders, acrylics, nail art tools and so on. BORN PRETTY is available in over 150 countries like USA, Canada, England, Germany, Russia, etc.
It's our mission to redefine beauty by creating amazing products for beauties from all over the world.

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Meliney Nail Art

Meliney Nail Art specialises in nail Art Supplies by providing you with the most stylish designs, decals, plates, polish, stickers and tools for nail art.

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NSI Australia

As pioneers, NSI was the 1st Company to introduce Acrylic Nails Products.

Since the 1950s, NSI has been a Manufacturer of high quality monomers, polymers, and other enhancement products for the nail industry.

NSI Acrylics are delivering exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility.

First User friendly. Self-leveling. Let the product work for you!

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We believe every individual has a story to tell about their life and experiences.  Just as cherry, plum, peach and damson blossoms all possess their own unique qualities, each person is unique and beautiful just the way they are. O’2Nails Printer will allow each individual to create nail art that is true to them self and express their innermost desire, passion and dreams.

Our mission is to support each individual to express what is in their heart, through creative nail art. By working together with local nail businesses and we hope to bring even more joy, happiness and creativity to our clients.


Everything depends on what is in our heart.
-Daisaku Ikeda-

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Young Nails

Modern Nail Artists

How do two brothers get into the nail care business? This is the single most common question people ask us. There's a long and rocky version but we'll give you the short one. We have our fearless and unconventional mother, Young Salo, to thank. With a single-minded Entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to start her own business at the age of 49. She had a passion for the nail industry and we did everything in our power to support her. In the end, this is a family business.

Greg, the older brother, became a licensed nail technician after switching gears from fire fighter's training. He is energy personified and has a true passion for developing the best professional nail care products and education. Habib is the younger brother. He jumped in a few years later; taking a detour from medical school and a life in music. He brings his own creative mind for business, marketing and strategy. Unexpectedly, we are a perfect team.

Today, 24 years later, Young Nails Inc. is more than a professional nail care manufacturing company exporting to over 40 countries worldwide and distributing domestically to over 3000 stores. It is an energized brand respected for next-level product innovation, education and followed on Social Media around the world.

Our goal is helping you achieve yours by showing you how to create incredible Nail Art with our premium nail products. It's that simple.

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At Tomicca, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it TOMICCA core.

To help you Express Yourself. To support you at Tomicca.

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